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Saturday, December 26, 2009


Wegner Buchanan is pleased to partner with the Weinman Shelter for Abused Women and Their Children to provide pro bono legal services. The Weinman Shelter is a domestic violence program operated by the Women and Children Services Division of St. Louis County, Department of Human Services.

Women who come to the Shelter are usually homeless as a result of domestic violence and have no other resources, or very limited resources. The Shelter brings the women off the streets and provides food and shelter for the women and their children. The Shelter also provides case managers who work with each woman to develop an individual goal plan for the purpose of obtaining housing and employment and separating from her abuser. The Shelter helps the women help themselves by providing counseling, training, and assistance so that the women can support themselves and their children.

Some women at the Shelter have legal problems that make attaining these goals even more difficult. Many require orders of protection to prevent further abuse and legal assistance obtaining a divorce, collecting child support, among other issues. Some women also have outstanding traffic tickets and minor criminal citations that prevent them from obtaining housing and employment.

Wegner Buchanan volunteers to assist women in the Shelter with these legal matters. We are pleased to work with the able and dedicated case managers and staff at the Weinman Shelter to help women and children in need.